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Handcrafted Chess Sets

Every Studio Anne Carlton (SAC) chess set is a work of art because each piece is originally hand-sculpted prior to making the moulds. All of the pieces are handmade from silicon moulds and pouring quality crushed stone enriched resin which has had all air bubbles removed in a vacuum chamber, therefore, giving the superior perfection that is always achieved. Any mould lines are hand removed, first with a surgical blade then hand polished.

They are then all hand painted with acrylic paints using a specially mixed traditional burgundy or cream colour which is then hand buffed to remove the paint from various parts of the pieces to give a deliberately distressed feel – therefore making every single piece individual as no two are identical.

All painting is carried out using highly skilled artists who are encouraged to use their own interpretations and skills providing stunning detailed painting and thereby creating unique individual masterpieces.

Each set takes in excess of a full week to paint and set is individual to the artist which is why they personally sign a certificate with their own name which is recorded. Every set is now numbered and recorded in our Studio Anne Carlton register archive register book together with the date of manufacture and, where possible, who made the purchase.

Collectable toys

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